The Human Body – Organs Anthrax Devonshire Cup Coral Lamprima meridiem Black Dragonfly

The Human Body – Organs

These are human organs that are part of a dress up doll (instead of clothes its organs) I tried to keep it simple and gender neutral as there are a lot of organs in the lower abdomen.


These are part of an ongoing project where I illustrate loads of different diseases to make them educational and fun!

Devonshire Cup Coral

The Devonshire Cup Coral (Caryophyllia smithii) is a hard stony-looking creature thats shaped like a cup. Its found on the north-east and south-west coasts of England. Its a coral that likes to live alone. Watercolour and Ink.

Lamprima meridiem

  Lamprima Meridiem – The Glowing Stag Beetle Embroidery that glow is the dark. Thread and sequins  

Black Dragonfly

Black Dragonfly – Air-dry Clay, glitter, Acrylic Paint and feathers. So sparkly, so cute.

Cloudweed – The Cloud Sea Saga

This has been made for a scientific specimen jar that will have a bug attached to the wire.